Latest news Summer 2019

‘Due to the wet start to summer, the Woods are really quite vibrant at the moment. The yellow flag irises, that we planted in conjunction with the Calderdale Council Countryside Officer, are blooming on the edge of the pond – see the attached pic. There is however still a problem with the invasive Himalayan balsam, which has spread from the wet flush where it is growing up Ibbot Royd Clough down to the silt island in the old mill-pond – probably washed down in the July 2012 flood.

  A local resident has been kindly hand-pulling the balsam in the pond area to help control it, and recently we did some control works in the lower reservoir, by the Keighley Road entrance – so hopefully we can keep on top of this invasive weed and maintain the variety of plants on the site.’

Flag iris Nutclough pond