Practical Day 20th May in Nutclough Woods

Dave Wilson, Calderdale Countryside Area Manager, will be leading a practical day in Nutclough Woods on Saturday 20th May, meeting at the Keighley Road entrance at 10:30am. The group will be working in the streams, along with other tasks, so please wear suitable clothing and footwear (wellies will be a good idea).
There is very little litter in the Woods at the moment, but there will be the issue of the invasive Himalayan balsam this summer which will need controlling – it looks like this season might be a bad one for balsam at the site. If you cannot make the work-day, but come regularly into the Woods, do feel free to pull the balsam as you walk past!
 Please contact Dave Wilson for any further information about the task on the 20th May on 07720 249 359.

Spring Clean 2017!

Hello! Spring is upon us and it’s time once again to spruce up the Woods and we will be taking part in the local Town Council’s Spring Clean on Sunday March 5th. Meet at the entrance to the Woods (off Keighley Road) at 10:30am and we will do a morning in Nutclough till around, say, 1pm. Please note that this is a Sunday, but if you cannot make that day I am sure there will be clean-ups taking place elsewhere as part of the HRTC initiative on the day before, Saturday 4th.
As well as a clean-up, we will check other parts of the woodland, such as the Lower Reservoir where some felling of wind-blown trees was done at the beginning of the year, but we also have to make sure that debris does not block the channel and the screen on the culvert.
I hope to see you there
Gavin Roberts (for Friends of Nutclough Woods)
07772 318 566

Spring Clean 2016!

DaffsThe time has come round again to spruce up the Woods and we will be taking part in the local parish’s Spring Clean on Saturday March 19th. Meet at the entrance to the Woods (off Keighley Road) at 10:30am and we will do a morning in Nutclough till around, say, 1pm.
As well as a clean-up, there will be some other jobs that will need doing. The Environment Agency screen and storm drain in the lower reservoir was completed last year, and the Calderdale Countryside Service have done some tasks in the Woods as well (as half of the land actually belongs to the Council). However, due to the Boxing Day floods, the movement of water through the clough is still an issue, and its impact on the watercourses and the footpaths, and so some of the work that we will be doing will be related to that.
Hope to see you there.

Monthly task events in Nutclough Woods

Dave Wilson, the Upper Valley Countryside Manager for Calderdale MBC, who is responsible for the section of Nutclough Woods owned by the Council, is planning a monthly task at the site on a Thursday afternoon. The first one is to be held on

The dell area, overgrown this summer!

The dell area, overgrown this summer!

Thursday 20th August, starting at 2pm and will last for a couple of hours. This first activity is likely to focus on cutting back the footpaths around the top pond, which are quite overgrown.

The reason that the paths are not getting walked so often is that, since Easter, as some of you may be aware, the Environment Agencyhave been carrying out major flood alleviation works in the lower reservoir by the Keighley Road entrance, resulting in this main access point being closed off to pedestrians. You can still enter the Woods however from Sandy Gate or Old Town, or via Birchcliffe (at Chapel Avenue). The meeting point for the task on 20th August will be at the top pond.
  I won’t be able to make this task, nor the one in September, but hope to be able to attend others in the future. If you are free on a Thursday afternoon and would like to come along, please contact Dave Wilson through the Facebook page which he has set up to publicise the activities
If you don’t do Facebook, you can send him an email at, so that he knows how many people to expect on the day.

Successful Spring Clean 2015

Nutclough 210315The Friends group took part in the ‘Hebden Royd Spring Clean’ on Saturday 21st March. We had a visit from the local cub scouts, who we sent around litter-picking, and then we gave them a few other jobs before they enjoyed some toasted marshmallows over a camp fire. The other volunteers repaired the steps that lead down to the pond – as you can see from the photo, we were blessed with fine spring weather for our work-day in the woods.

Nutclough Woods Spring Clean 21st March

The next activity day in Nutclough Woods will be Saturday 21st March, meeting at the entrance to the woods by the former Nutclough Tavern.  The day will be part of the Hebden Royd Spring Clean, a weekend when the town council encourage local residents to come and help tidy up their environment.
The task will run from 10:30am till 3-4pm – please bring a packed lunch if you’re staying for the day. Everyone is welcome to ‘call in’ if they can just spare an hour or so as well, as the Town Council encourages maximum participation in the Spring Clean from the community. Please put the date in your diary.
For more info, contact Gavin, FoNW, on 07772 318 566.

Environment Agency works in the Woods this Spring

As part of the Upper Valley flood alleviation works the Environment Agency will this Spring be installing an improved debris screen on the culvert which exits from the former lower reservoir to go underneath Keighley Road. The works will include extra drainage and overflow pipes to manage the water better and prevent the kind of flooding incident which hit the clough in July 2012 and which led to a torrent of water heading down Keighley Road.

In order to acquire access and to secure the site for future maintenance some necessary tree-felling will take place at the end of February to remove some of the mature sycamore and oak in the Woods which front onto Keighley Road. The Friends group has been involved in negotiating with the Agency for certain trees to be kept, and there will be wildflower planting, and tree saplings will also be planted as part of the reinstatement at the end of the Environment Agency project. The major construction works themselves will take place in a 12-14 week period after Easter, during which the Agency and their contractors will be closing the pedestrian access from Keighley Road into the Woods. During this time alternative routes will be signposted – of course these will mean quite a long diversion, but the closure has been deemed necessary as there will be earth-moving machinery manoeuvring on site.

Next activity day: 8th November

The next activity day in Nutclough Woods will be Saturday 8th November. We will meet as usual at the entrance to the woods by the former Nutclough Tavern at 10:30am to do some cleaning up and maintenance tasks, which should take us up until lunchtime. You are welcome to bring lunch if you would like to stay longer in the woods.

The jobs that we have in mind so far are tidying up the dead wood in the Dell area, litter-picking, waxing the wooden bench by the pond and planting some thorny species in the dead hedge there. For more info, contact Gavin, FoNW on 07772 318 566.